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    Tuesday, January 21st, 2020
    9:06 pm
    Saturday, November 18th, 2017
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    NAME: Aimee
    AIM: N/A
    AVAILABILITY: varies


    NAME: Magnus Chase
    JOURNAL: badmortal
    PLAYED BY: Toby Regbo
    FANDOM: Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard/Riordanverse
    CANON POINT:Post The Ship of the Dead

    WHAT ARE YOUR INTENTIONS WITH THIS CHARACTER IN GAME? To have Magnus build a life in California that doesn't revolve training for the final battle, make friends, explore a life with his mom that doesn't get ended by supernatural wolves, be a living teenager instead of a dead one living in Valhalla


    IN GAME HISTORY:Magnus Chase was born on January 13th, 2003 - the result of two old friends getting drunk and realizing they were attracted to one another. And while Natalie Chase and her friend Frey cared about each other a lot it wasn't enough for them to be together as a couple. They were both good raising their son together and occasionally sleeping with one another, being more careful after their first time so as not to give Magnus any brothers or sisters. Magnus grew up calling Boston Massachusetts home although his parents career did take him all over the world for filming his father's survivalist show. While he grew up loved and protected he was never sheltered from the uglier side of the world. His parents wanted to raise him as honestly as they could which is why they never lied to him about only being friends, or about the fact that Frey was still slightly hung up on his old college boyfriend Apollo.

    As the years passed Natalie began working as an executive producer on Frey's show which led to even more amazing opportunities for Magnus. He got to miss school for a month to go see the Northern Lights and actually sleep under them a few nights. It was absolutely worth the extra work he had to do when they got home in his mind. Frey's empire started expanding as his show got more popular - eventually including a company that produces survival gear that Magnus is the face of after a lost bet with his aunt Freya. Yes that's right. He lost a bet with his aunt and now has to live with his face being on all of the packaging for Frey's Survival Gear.

    A few months ago Natalie was offered a job on a new show and after a few family discussions she took it. No reason she couldn't work as a producer on two shows right? Magnus went with his father to explore remote regions of the world while his mom came out to California to start house hunting for the three of them because it's worked out so well for them these past 17 years so why not keep it up? Magnus is a little nervous about starting life over in California but his parents went to college here, they've got family friends in the area so he's trying to be optimistic about it. And if it doesn't work out? He's going to college in two years so there's an out date for him.


    One good thing about being moved across the country in the middle of the school year? Mom and dad decided I didn't have to start until after Christmas. I'd rather wait until the new school year all together but it was two against one on the vote for that. All my friends in Boston thought I was so lucky that my parents stayed good friends with everything but they never realized - they were the lucky ones. They got away with whatever they wanted because they could always play their parents against each other.
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